Welcome To Pnutso

About US

How it All Started

Well, for us, it was simply about embarking on our own adventure to create a life-changing app for everyone. It happened somewhere in between long hours of brainstorming, countless meetings mixed with a couple years of planning and execution.  We were a bunch of dream seekers putting their souls in what they believed would make a change.


Cracking the Code

Many shopping experiences and draws are luck-based, and mostly leave people with dreams (such as ourselves) disappointed. Call us blindly optimistic, but we decided it was time for a change.

We wanted to create an app that allows everybody to take matters into their own hands by giving them the opportunity to buy useful products for less, win valuable prizes, decide on prices, and vote for the next deals.

And just like that, “Pnutso” was born!


APP-solutely Amazing

Originating from the phrase - paying Pnutso - the app focuses on paying less for more value. Pnutso showcases a non-traditional buying experience that grants the user the power to  make their own luck.

Pnutso highlights two aspects: one is shopping for small useful items which will ultimately give the user an opportunity to enter a draw and win big prizes; and the other is granting the user control to unlock  selected deals with below-market, user-influenced prices relying on quick decisions made at the right moment.

Pnutso is simply rewarding, eventful, and exciting for everyone.


An App for a Good Cause

We felt like it was time for us to give back, to allow everyone to dream big, to give away for the good  and complete dreams.

To make a true positive social impact through Pnutso, we aim to inspire others to donate as well to make a positive impact on our global community. All proceeds from donated  products go towards the good cause of Ahmad Al Falasi Foundation For Humanitarian Initiatives   


A Dream Come True

It's all properly official— and today we are live with the App.

We're still a group of people who are wildly passionate and we know that we still have a long way to go. It is so exciting to know that as we continue on our mission together, we’re only getting started…

Like our app users, we dare to dream big and for us Pnutso’ first milestone will be having a prominent display on Burj Khalifa that lights up the sky of Dubai.

This is just the beginning!