Welcome To Pnutso

How It Works?

Pay Peanuts  get... rewards

Yeah. As simple as it is. Explore the various ongoing deals on useful everyday items to get an opportunity to enter a draw to win valuable prizes.


Crack it as It's hot

You’re the boss. Take control and decide on prices of locked products. Once the purchases on the small item reach the minimum target, the paired valuable product will be unlocked gradually.

The more purchases of the small item, the lower the price on the valuable product will be.

Wait for the perfect time and use quick judgement to unlock and shop the valuable product at below-market rates that suit your budget.

We are talking “jaw-dropping bargains.”


Make a positive social impact

Give for a good cause! Donate the value of the items purchased to “Friends of Cancer Patients” and help cancer patients and their families get through their long and arduous journey of cancer treatment.


Have it your own way

Don't leave it to chance. Participate in the poll, choose between two deals, and cast your vote for your preferred deal.

Share it with those who care. Invite everyone to participate & help you crack your dream deal.